Janelle Caines

International Motivational Speaker & Leadership Expert

You Control Your Mind, But Your Mindset Controls Your Life

Meet Janelle Caines

Janelle Caines is a highly experienced and skilled mindset and productivity strategist, cooperate leadership consultant and motivational speaker with a proven track record of success. With her remarkable interpersonal skills, Janelle has built a reputation for developing highly innovative and strategic frameworks that accelerate personal and professional growth and enhance employee engagement.

At the forefront of the industry, Janelle is renowned for her ability to empower individuals, teams through transformative strategies that foster lasting change. Her dynamic approach emphasizes the importance of holistic wellness and encourages individuals to break free from negative patterns of thinking to unleash their full potential.

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Master Tour Mindset

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Give a brief description of what the talk is about or the audience takeaways.

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In her book, Take Your Power Back, Janelle shares the steps she used to take the power back in her own life. From her personal relationships to the conference room.

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